Trinity by Savior Coffee Co

After many long discussions about what a cup of coffee should taste like and many, many cuppings of select coffees from different origins

Savior Coffee Co in conjunction with our roast partner is proud to announce Trinity...

There is a taste, a feel and aroma that comes from an exceptional coffee like Trinity.

This is balance that comes only from a blend: the singular Trinity blend of five highest-order Arabica beans, selected from farms spanning 3 continents, hence the name Trinity.  Each individual bean contributing to a greater whole, for the pleasure of those who appreciate all that coffee can and should be.

Our coffee has a buttery mouth feel, delicately balancing fruity notes with chocolate overtones, naturally fragrant with aromas of caramel and honey.  You just might hold the sugar, for the very first time.

Trinity is available in bean form in 1kg bulk black valve bags and also in bean and ground form in 250gm retail black valve bags.