Savior Brand Co. & the Makerspace Co-laboration

A few weeks ago we were contacted by Steve Gray from theMakerspace, which is an orgainsation working hard to develop a community of “MAKERs” by attracting engineers, designers, architects, creatives and tinkerer’s to a creative playground equipped with cutting edge low volume manufacturing technology that help lower the barriers to entry for people to express their creativity in a physical way. you can check out their page here

Steve wanted for Savior Brand Co. to facilitate a "beginners leather workshop", of course we didn't need much persuasion - well only a small amount...

We wanted everyone that came on the course, to take something away with them besides a skill level, so we decided to use our Savior Brand Co. ~ Men’s Slim Wallet as the "project" that our participants would make.

Steve had access to a Laser Cutting Machine, so we "cheated" a bit and had all the wallets pattern components laser cut to ease our time constraints. We decided to split the group into 2, so that both Sihle and myself could give hands on demonstration and tutoring to a smaller group.
We covered several fundamental leatherwork basics including:
Preparing components & sealing the leather
Gluing & assembly of wallet components
Shaping the wallet by cutting with blades
Preparing the wallet for stitching by marking and chiseling of leather
Preparing thread and needle for hand stitching
Basic Saddle Stitch techniques
Finishing techniques such as edge beveling and burnishing with a wax compound.

We ended up by allowing whoever made a wallet to brand the wallet using the traditional stamping method or laser etching the branding...

We had an incredible eveing with the guys and girls from the ZAR Dolphin Coast - you guys rock, thank you for allowing us the opportunity play with you...

check out the vimeo of our event here

Max & Sihle
Leather Crew