We aim to deliver expertly crafted, timeless and functional leather products.

Our vision is to inspire people with the things we make and by the things we do for those who need it most.

We want to make the best possible products while maintaining honest and integrity in every aspect of the business. Whether we are selecting a particular manufacturer, retailer, fabric or design to utilize; all decisions are made with this core tenet in mind.
It started off like this...
Savior Brand Co. was birthed out of a love of doing things the old fashioned way. In our instant culture of 5 minute ab workouts, 2min noodles and the 1 minute manager it’s refreshing to start a business that focuses on crafting things that take time. We wanted to create an environment where good design, superior quality and pride in your work actually matter. For us, workmanship is critical and every tiny stitch detail and pattern is pored over with meticulous care. Almost all products are hand-stitched, the old fashioned way. We make things that we love and we make things that are certain to last, just like the old days. 

Along the way we are passionate about helping young adults re-discover and fulfil their dreams & to help them change their life circumstance  along the way - a significant portion of our profits feed into our Savior Life Cycle 

Max & Nicki

There is a new demand for experiences over stuff, customized product and service over mass market or mega brands, real value over ostentatious bling, constant novelty, immediate availability and finally, product providers whose community interests and involvement trump over their self interest” ~ The New Rules of Retail…